Project Name:Shanghai Purang Financial Service Co. Ltd.
Completed Time: 2012

Product: Web, Funktus, V-100, Sirkus, A Series

Purang Financial Service, a bill intermediary institution, is an operation center in Pudong New District, and it’s a pioneer in the industry. Purang is growing rapidly, has 800 employees, and 9 branches, 29 reprehensive offices in 30 cities. More than 10,000 cooperates client, 1000 bank client; Purang is an innovative financial service company.


The design of WEB desk breaks the traditional restraint. The Web desk is easy to be maintained and moved due to the roller shutter door and the active wheels, which can be used in office, publish space and at home.


Funktus Series was designed for Helsinki Opera House in 1992 by Mr. Kukkapuro. Funktus is simple, clean, elegant and comfortable, which perfectly reflects Scandinavia design style. It has strong characters and the structure is as precise as mathematic. By continually experimentation of ergonomic so it can combine function, structure and artistic smoothly. At the beginning Funktus matched opera house perfectly, and then based on the same design concept Mr. Kukkapuro developed more series products so they can fulfill different spaces.

Sirkus series, with several variants and fulfilled for different requirements, was developed in early 80’s. Sirkus is a “pure chair”, which combines the simple design and unique decorative effect. The different colors of accessories can be used in different spaces, to achieve the vivid integration of shape and color. Sirkus was permanent collected by Israeli Jerusalem Museum in 1990.

Vision 100 series, designed according to the principles of ergonomics, represents the best technology. Consisting of different shapes and sizes desktop, Vision 100 was designed for small office and meeting and leisure spaces, the lively lines of which suitable for all kinds of spaces. 

With red, yellow, and blue trims, Vision 100, elegant and good functional, has the function of anti-collision and decoration.

A Series

It was originally designed for a Swedish hospital with functional and yet decorative pieces. 
Multipurpose chair which used in every kind of homes, office, and other public places.
Frame made of tubular steel with colorful decorative strips. Shell of form pressed birch veneer.


Modular sofa system which can freely combined each unit to meet diferent spaces. Changeable color of upholstery enrich the color of space.


Aura is a harmonius and cozy 2-seater sofa, it surrounds you and is perfect for creating peaceful interiors. Due to its high back the tempting and sympathetic Aura also works as a divider. The disclosed structure makes Aura characteristic and interesting. Aura lounge chair now also available.Aura awarded the red dot: best of the best 2013 for the highest design quality.

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