Project name: Jiangsu Yaming InteriorArchitectural Design Co.,Ltd

Location: No. 388 Yingtian Street,Qinhuai District, Nangjing

Completed: 2011

Products: Karuselli, Remmi, Plaano 435,Funktus 524, V100 office table

Spaces: direct area, staff area,conference area, reception area

Founded in 1999 and with about a decade development, Jiangsu Yaming Interior Architectural Design Co., Ltd is main engaged in the design of medical, culture, education projects.

Sun Yaming likes Meyer white architectural style and designs many blank spaces in his company office. He thinks that “white” tranquilizes people and likes to us “Bauhaus style” furniture with Chinese traditional decoration. Mr. Sun breaks conventional mode ofthinking and the boundaries between East and West to perfectly blend the two inone space.

White background and ergonomic furniture constitute an area that comfort body and tranquilize the soul. A variety of interior spaces with different forms and functions provoke the inspiration and thinking of designers. The physical spaces and environment that combining art and utility forms own design value standards. 
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