Projectname: New City Library in Sein?joki

Location: Sein joki, Finland

Products: Moderno L66

Space: Reading area

The civic centre of Seinajoki is a uniform building complex designed by Alvar Aalto. The library was completed as part of the civic centre in 1965. With the expansion of the town and evolution of library activities, the town decided to co-locate a modern building with the current library, so that the two libraries would merge into a single functional complex. An architectural completion was organized for its design in 2008, in which the winning entry was JKMM Architectural Firm’s proposal titled “Apila” (“Clover”). 

The aim of the new library was to initiate a dialogue between the new and the old buildings. The new building must respect the protected cultural environment while making a bold statement as a piece of modern architecture---in other words, find the right balance between being conciliatory and challenging.

Another important challenge for the designers was the changing content of library activities. The role of the library is undergoing a transform as a result of the rapid social change and new modes of communication. Information is easily access through the Internet and other electronic media. It is thus that once looking for actual information no longer important, the significance of the library as a place for interacting with information will be highlighted. Its key mission is to provide a setting for encounters, meetings and events. Encouraging the users to be active, rather than passively receiving information and services, is also important. In other words, the library has to be a versatile, flexible and adaptable public space.

In order to attract readers, a full-featured library has to provide good experience. Moderno rocking chair provide by AVARTE was designed by design master Yrjo Kukkapuro in1958. After 50 years, the modern sense of Moderno chair, the light-hearted red and white colors, is loved by everyone.

At the core of the new library, there is a large central reading terrace, also can be used for the setting of activities and spending time. The terrace can lead visitors to the collections downstairs and, through a subterranean passage, the old library. The terrace underlines two important themes: the significance of  providing a place of encounters and a functional link between the new and the old building. The multifarious interior spaces merge into each other in an open plane, displaying carefully desig

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