Project name: Humanities and Social Sciences Library ofTsinghua University

Location: Tsinghua University main campus

Completed: 2011

Products: Taitos, Ventus, Ateljee, Richter, etc

Humanities and Social Sciences Library of TsinghuaUniversity, designed by famous architect Mario Botta and China Academy of Building Research, is one of thelandmark buildings of Tsinghua University. About 20,000 square meters, thelibrary provides more than 1000 reading seats and collection capacity about 1.2million books and periodicals.

Taitos-- vivid Origami

Taitos was inspired by origami. When made origami in his studio,the designer decided to use beautiful origami creases in chair. Taitos series includes seat, bar chair, bench, can be applied to restaurants, reading andtraining, conference and other spaces.

Ventus---Bilding Miniature

Designed for waiting room, Ventus’ shape is very easily coordinate with spacious public spaces. Professor Kukkapuro uses a kind of light girder structure when design this chair, thus the small contact area with ground make the chair is easy to clean. Besides, with the girder structure, Ventus can arbitrary combine with each other. The seat was pressed by plywood. The accessories are developed based on ergonomics, thus Ventus is very comfortable even after long time using.

Ateljee---International Style

Pioneered a new form of sofa, the design of Ateljee in 60’s is very modern now. The design features includes delicate, simple and diversity. Diversified materials, color, structure constitute many kinds of Ateljee. The original structure makes it diversity. The standard accessories make it easy to manufacture, packing, assemble and transport. Ateljee was permanent collected by New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), 1965.

Richter---Simple but Powerful

Delicate, simple, diversity and modularity has been the design principle of the Nordic style of design. The designer of Richter advocates the idea of nature and eternity and made Richter noble and elegant.  

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