Suppanen Ilkka

llkka Suppanen is one of the world’s best known contemporary Finnish designers. Ilkka studied architecture at the Technical University of Helsinki and Interior and Furniture Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. In 1995, he founded Studio Suppanen in Helsinki.

"At its very least, design needs to create value by valuing our resources- human and material - and nurturing a culture where people are less likely to want to throw things away"

Studio Suppanen works beyond the conventional roles of a design studio. Clients often come with a simple brief: how can you help us? Ilkka facilitates a co-creative process where his clients are encouraged to challenge their own assumptions - including the relationship between their value proposition and its changing environment.

Suppanen Studio turns high functionality into an aesthetic value, driven by the desire to improve the world around us with well thought-through design. All design is based on a deep knowledge of all end user needs – including the realities of bringing a solution to market. Ilkka himself has a multi-faced style. But as a Finnish architect and designer, Scandinavian humanism plays a central role in all his and the studios works.

"I believe that Design is basically the act of changing existing situations into preferred ones"

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