Zhengzhou Hangmei International Smart Town

Architects: BDCL

Location: Zhengzhou,China

Project time:2015

The master plan of Hangmei International Smart Town is to build a “Town with Heart” with the power to attract and retain talents, based on which, the place can evolve into a modern science and technology town of enduring development. The planned “Hearts of the Town” in the project shows infinite vitality. Blocks, 80 meters square, are dotted in both “Old Town” and “New Town”. With crosswalks of comfortable sizes, low-density blocks and courtyards and squares rich in details, it will be an ideal place for talents in science and technology to pursue their career. Lying at its Northeast corner is the demo zone which has been launched into the market prior to the rest of the town. The demo zone consists of two parts—the Block Zone composed of New Town office building, Old Town office buildings and Art Center, and “College”, a section encompassing a Sales Center and an Information Display Center.

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